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Brookfields Farm Beef is an all natural product.

Brookfields Farm Beef

Our mission statement is simple. To provide the best quality meat at a most competitive price. Brookfields Farm beef doesn't contain harmful growth hormones and we don't use antibiotics, ever.  Our animals are born & raised here and we have a closed herd policy. That means we never buy an animal in to "finish", that way we know what they've had to eat from day one!

Situated on 165 acres of prime farmland, in the heart of Goshen, we grow all our feed for our livestock. A natural lifestyle is of upmost importance to the health and well being of any animal, therefore our stock gets to graze in large, open fields, shelter under the shade of the pole barn, free choice feed and live as close to nature as possible. Our grazing and feed policy gives you a grass fed meat product with optimal corn finishing.

Our huge variety of cuts of beef is second to none in the area. Stop by and check out our farm shop!

We are a fourth generation, family run farm. Our long history on this farm and within Hudson Valley means we care about our community and we have supported sustainable agriculture, long before it became a popular catchphrase!

Situated in the Tri State area, within an hour of NY city and only 15 minutes from PA. The farm is 1.8 miles off NY State Route 17, exit 124 and 6 miles from Exit 4 on Interstate 84.