Brookfields Farm Beef

Come and visit our fully stocked beef sales shop. We have a full range of cuts for you to choose from. The shop is open daily but we do recommend calling in advance to make sure somebody is around the yard to help you!.  If you know what you want to purchase, call ahead and we will pack your order ahead of time for you!

You can also place an order in advance by texting

(845) 544 5631

(845) 294 7265 

Cell (845) 544 5631

Better Beef, By Far!

 Brookfields Farm Beef is home  to pastured cows raised in a natural, stress free environment. Our goal is to bring you to bring you a quality product at an affordable price!

Our Grass fed, corn finished beef has superb flavor and is available in a wide variety of cuts 

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Brookfields Farm All Natural Beef in Goshen